About us

Mira Palas, which is preferred by many people in Istanbul; The invitations for 1,000 people are the most perfect moments of your life with the capacity to host and the eye-catching comfort. With friendly staff, free parking, 5 different salons designed for you, it offers real service to you.

Mira Palas: Due to the proximity of the metrobus station to the hunters and to the side of the road, the invitations provide great convenience to the saloon arrivals and departures. Automatic generator system against electrical cuts, air conditioning system working centrally in order to make the guests comfortable, each room has its own stylish decoration and light system offers the most luxurious wedding service in istanbul.

As Mira Palas; we provide the best service for all seminars, conferences, associations and foundation meetings, wedding and circumcision organizations, henna nights, celebrations, birthdays, pilgrimage weddings and religious events.

Our lounge is in a central location, providing a private parking area for our guests to comfortably reach their vehicles and to park their vehicles for a good time.

Most important of all, we always raise our quality policy with the service understanding that will keep the satisfaction of your invitations on the front.