Our values

Mira Palas is a pioneer in the field, providing quality and real human value.

Respect and Commitment

    • We do our job in the most right way, with the right and the heart.
    • We make clear promises, we will certainly fulfill the promises we give, and we declare the results.
    • We constantly improve ourselves and our colleagues.
    • We act honestly, transparently and consistently in all our relationships, establishing long-term relationships based on trust.

Be “we”

    • As Mira Palas employees, our common goal is to please our customers; we support each other for this, we appreciate the support given to us.
    • We also support the performance of the team and the institution as important as individual performance.
    • In all our communications, we first listen and understand the needs.
    • We trust each other, respect each other’s expertise.
    • We give our decisions by considering the whole and evaluating the effects of the whole.
    • As Mira Palas, we support and support each other, our society and the environment.


  • We embrace change; we know that we need to make a fall on everyone, including ourselves, in order for the change to pass through the fastest and hassle free life.
  • We use the initiative as long as we can learn from our fathers and we do not repeat our mistakes, we encourage you to use it.
  • We define performance according to objective and measurable criteria, evaluate fairly and consistently.
  • We appreciate a good work; at the same time we have feedback to improve each other.
  • We defend the things we believe in rightly until the last rational way, we work constructively to pass on our life.